Wet Rice Cultivation Tour (Day trip 4,5hours)

Tour location: Peaceful countryside village of Hoi An

Time duration: 4,5 hours

Tour start: 8:00 A.M

Tour Runs: Minimum 2 persons. Maximum on request  





Rice is the staple diet in many Asian countries, especially in Vietnam. Perhaps, you have seen rice growing in most of Asian rice paddy fields. However, you do not know the sequence of rice cultivation in Vietnam. It is still secret know how for the western tourists. We would like to organize the wet rice growing tour for you. Through this tour, we instruct you how to cultivate rice in the fields and also help you experience the hardships of Vietnamese farmers.


We are sure this tour will make your trip an extremely memorable experience.




  • Picking up and dropping off guest at hotel by bicycle (In case of not being able to bike, van can be used to go as an option.
  • Starting biking to the countryside throughout the rice paddle, enjoy the fresh air with the nature
  • Meeting the local farmer, talking with them about their local farming daily life, having a cup of tea with them at the middle of the rice paddle field farm.
  • Wearing farming clothes before getting into muddy rice field like: Vietnamese authentic and traditional farmer clothes, conical hat, boost …etc …  
  • Listening to the tour guide introduced and explained about the process of the wet rice how to grow it.
  • Starting the farming works to learn how to grow wet rice with water buffalo plough, use agricultural water system.
  • Transplanting rice at the rice field.
  • Enjoy riding with water buffalo at a small pond at the rice farm
  • Having a local meal with the local farmer at their house
  • Biking back hotel
  • Ending the trip    





From 2 to 6 Persons

From 7 to 11 Persons

From 12 to 16 Persons Up

999.000 VND/1 Person

945.000 VND/1 Person

899.000 VND/1Person




–  Pick up and drop off at hotel

–  Bicycle/van

–  English/ French speaking tour guide

–  Farming uniforms: Clothes, conical hat, boost, gloves

–  1 unit of soft drink

–  A local rice meal with a local farmer family at the rice field



Note: – All of Eco-tour rates are excluded 10% VAT

           -All of Eco-tour programs are seating coach tour.


Note: In case of private trip request, we will surcharge more with its 1,100,000 VND for a private tour based on the seating coach tour rate above informed.  


–          If a group from 12 persons to 16 persons up, there is no surcharge for the private group  



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