Basket Boat Racing

(Applied for Mice or Incentive group)                                                                                                

Time duration: 2, 5 hrs

Organization location: River

Time start: 8:30 A.M or 2:00 P.M

Tour Runs: Minimum 30 persons. Maximum on request  




Basket boat racing tour is one of the funniest and most exciting games in competition about the waterways life of the local fishing people in central region of Viet Nam. It is designed and organized for the incentive group or (Mice) who travels to Hoi An for a visit and to have a memorable and great experience trip.




Supposed we had 100 of guests, the basket boat race program would be described as below:


  • We will divide 100 of guests into 10 Teams. Each team will have 10 persons, each of team will be offered 1 basket boat
  • We will give put a name for each of team a favorite animals like: Shark, crocodile, tuna, dolphin….
  • We will lead the first group of 5 teams playing first, 5 teams will start racing, each of team has 2 persons rowing for one turn, we will play 5 rounds all together within 20 minutes. The winner is the one who is the fastest returning from their flag destination with the most plenty of fishes they caught ( Fishes will be hanging at the Flag’s destination, each of the team has their own flag) . We will get 2 teams as the No 1 and No 2 as winners from the first round
  • The Second round will do the same with the other 5 teams left. They will do the same like the first group did. And we will also choose the winners of the second group as No 1 and No 2.
  • The final race will be held between the winners from No 1 and No 2 of the first group versus with the winners of the second group of No 1 & No 2. We will find THE CHAMPION of the game later on. THE CHAMPION will be awarded with special gifts from Hoi An Eco-tour organizer. The second and The third will also receive gifts.


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From 30 to 50 Persons From 51 to 71 Persons From 72 to 92 Persons Up
725.000 VND/ 1 Person 683.000 VND/1 Person 641.000 VND/ 1 Person





  • Basket boats,
  • Tour guide,
  • Cold drinks
  • Fruits,
  • Life jacket
  • Gift
  • Café




  • 10% VAT
  • Pick up and drop off



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