March 2014
Dear Phuong, Thank you for your well arrangement. We enjoyed our day trip in Hoian and My Son.

Lee Sang and his friend, Singapore


Jan 2014
Chi Phuong kinh,
Toi da tro lai Giao Xu binh an. Camon chi rat nhieu. Doan di rat vui va nhu da noi voi chi rang ho muon di nua vao nam toi.
Ho rat muon tro lai tham vien mo coi do cac So Dong Da Minh phu trach. Ngoai ra ho cung muon tham quan song Cuu Long, Cambodia, Thailand va Dat Thanh.
Toi se xem chuong trinh cua chi va hoi am cho chi sau.
Mot lan nua cam on chi nhieu va xin Chua chuc lanh. Kinh,

Fr Vinh Dong with All Saints Parish group
All Saints Catholic Church, Perth



Dear Mr. Truong Van Thom,
I am happy to report that we are both well and enjoying our tour immensely.  You have chosen well with our tour guides in Hue and now in Hanoi.  It has been a busy and informative set of tours that we have experienced with our guides quick to answer any question and to make suggestions for us as to what would be interesting for us. Your guide is a gold mine of information. Besides, guiding us with excellent, he had many stories to tell us about culture and traditions in Vietnam.  I am so thankful that we have chosen you and your service for our tour in IndoChina as you are meeting and exceeding our best hopes for the tour.
with thanks,



Dear Mr. Van Thom,

I want to compliment you on your choice of a substitute activity for us. The tour was very, very worthwhile.  I knew that we could count upon you to make our adventures in Hoi An be positively memorable.  Our time with the fishermen this morning was another excellent activity to add to growing list of positive experiences.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.




Hi Phuong & Thom,
What a fantastic family holiday!
Yesterday we had family dinner and talked about our holiday, and watched the photos and videos of the trip.
Everyone was happy with this holiday, it was much better in comparison to our holiday trip to Vietnam in Dec 2002.
The T & P travel had done a good job for us.
9.5/10 for services. The hotels, meals, and tours were fantastic.
Our family will surely have another holiday in Vietnam in the near future.
Many thanks to T & P travel staff.
David Lam


Dear Mss. Phuong,

It is not my habit to endorse either services or people however, both my wife and I enjoyed all aspects of the tour you arranged for us on our last trip to Vietnam . The itinerary, guides, drivers, vehicles, hotels and food more than met our expectations

In addition to the program and services provided by you, we really enjoyed the people and country of Vietnam .

The cost was moderate and we enjoyed our visit so much that we would like you to arrange another similar tour this year, for us and two friends.

If you have any enquiries from other Australians, feel free to give them our email address and I will happily answer any questions they might have.

Max Baker



Dear Catherine


Thank you for you email of 17June 2010

I want to assure you that Van Thom has given me good service and I will recommend him to my friends who want to visit Vietnam.


With Best Regards and God Bless.

Richard Chia



Anh Thom kinh,

Chan thanh cam on anh nhieu that nhieu da lo cho phai doan that tot dep.

Giua thang 1 nam 2010 toi va mot cha ban se ve VN khoang 10 ngay. Khong biet anh co the thu xep lich trinh gium duoc khong? Co the vao ngay 18.01.2010 chung toi se co mat o VN. Chung toi dang du tinh di tham Phu Quoc va Sapa. Hoac neu co chuong trinh nao di Cambodia hoac Trung Quoc thi anh cho toi biet nhe. Chung toi chua biet se did au. Vi toi di VN nhieu lan roi nen cung muon di nuoc khac cho biet. Cha ban cua toi la nguoi Uc cung da den VN mot lan roi.

Theo toi thi toi thich o VN vai ngay roi di Cambodia hoac Trung Quoc choi. Neu co tour nao thich hop xin anh cho biet nhe.

Cam on anh nhieu. Kinh chuc anh va gia quyen mot Giang Sinh an lanh va mot nam moi hanh phuc.

Lm Giuse Dong Van Vinh

Archdiocese of Perth


Dear Catherine,

Our trip to Indochina was one of the most incredible travel experiences of our lives.  The arrangements made by T&P Travel far exceeded our expectations.  We were provided with competent drivers (a must when negotiating the streets of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City), modern cars, and knowledgeable tour guides.  We cannot say enough good things about our tour guides.  They took the time to make sure that we were well cared for and attended to our every need.  We especially appreciated their in-depth knowledge of local history, customs and stories.  Our guides and drivers were personable and their command of English was commendable.  We already miss this amazing part of the world and are planning to return one day soon.  We would recommend T&P Travel to our friends and will not hesitate to use your professional service again.  Thank you for an excellent vacation! 


Jan and Kevin Carper

Hastings, Nebraska

From USA

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