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After destruction and isolation by war for a long time, Laos, which has the most pristine natural environment and complete culture, is facing many hundreds and thousands of tourists from around the world. Before take off, we should take a glance at major travel destinations and tour spots, then decide a reasonable itinerary to experience this incredible small country in Indochina.

While traditions in other places of south-east Asia are extinct at the advent modern civilization, Laos people still keep a lot of their own traditions and have leisure lifestyle as they always did.Low pace of life is everywhere, even in the biggest city of Laos – Vientiane.

Vientiane, the capital city of Laos, situated in the Mekong Valley. This name, which should be “Viang Chan”, originally means “royal sandalwood grove” or “city of sandalwood”. The romanized spelling “Vientiane” is of French origin, and reflects the difficulty the French had in pronouncing the hard “ch” sound in the Lao word; a common English-based spelling is “Viangchan”, or occasionally “Wiangchan”.

In this modern capital of Laos, what you can experience are more than its change. The 6400 figures of Buddha in Wat Is Saket, religious art in Haw Pha Kaeo and dreamlike Xieng Kluan are all sightseeing you should not miss in Laos.

Luang Prabang, the ancient capital of Laotian Empire. What a romantic history; how touching it is when viewing hundreds of monks in red robes walking across temples with hundreds of years history.

Vang Vieng, get away from cities of Laos, merge yourself in the pristine nature of Laos. Kayaking, drifting, rock- climbing and cycling along the river side of the Mekong and its branches. There is no noisy market, no crowd and no pitching vendor, there is only you and nature. Want to have some challenges? Come to Vang Vieng of Laos!

More and more itineraries in Lao are being developed. But there are more destinations and travel spots worth your time to discover and experience. Discovery is also an important part of your travel in Laos.


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